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Kids Party Menu Options
Kids menu options - $7.90 each 
Kids Breakfast- Bacon or Kransky sausages with egg and toast
Tempura battered chicken nuggets (4) and chips
Beef burger and chips
Pancakes-with maple syrup, banana and yoghurt
Kids pack – ham, cheese or jam sandwich, raisins, cheese dip with crackers and something sweet
All of the above are served with a piece of fruit.

Kids Platters:
Tempura battered chicken nuggets (30 piece) and chips $38
Mini hot dogs (20 piece) and chips $32
Sandwich platter (32 triangles crusts on or off) $28
Fairy bread platter $15
Fruit platter with choc sauce dip $28
Mini burger platter (10) and chips $45
Pizza fingers $25
Chippies and dip $6
Popcorn bowl $4
Bowl of hot chips $5.90
Jelly Cups-$1 each or add gummy bears for $1.20
Bowl of pick n’ mix lollies $5
Birthday cake – you are welcome to bring your own, or just ask and we can create one for you.
DRINKS- we provide water on the table for parties but also have available orange and blackcurrant juice boxes for $1.50 each, or we can do jugs of squash for $5 a jug. There is also a large fridge full of juices and soft drinks that can be purchased on the day.
Adult Platters:
Beef and/or chicken skewers (20 piece) marinated and grilled, served with dipping sauce $50
Jalepeno Poppers(40 piece) crumbed jalepeno and cream cheese with an aioli dipping sauce $45
Mini sausage rolls (20 piece) served with tomato relish $25
Mini pizza platter $25
Spring rolls and samosas (70 piece) with sweet chilli sauce $30
BBQ meatballs (30 piece) $38
Seasoned Wedges with sour cream dipping sauce $25
Wrap platter (15 piece) a mix of ham, chicken, bacon and vege (if required) $45

Bouncy castle –This is up most of the year, however this is weather dependent and unfortunately cannot be used in the rain
Animals – you are free to wander and look at all of our animals – animal feed is available at $1 per bag
Playground – this is open all year round and free to use
Maze – entry to the maze is $2 per person
Colouring in is available at no charge
Cup cake decorating – minimum of 10 children – decorate your own cupcakes with a selection of icings and toppings $4 per person.